Many years have passed away
My memories forever stay
Intact from my childhood land
Those thoughts are still very grand.

This land I love so dear to me
Is big and very mysterious, you see
We do not own it but share itís parts
Different people share their arts.

The deepest snow in winter comes
The brightest sun which makes one hymn
Year by year we love each feeling
Itís nature, behold oneself, feel the meaning.

Look in your heart
Take out a token
The time has come
All beloving words have been spoken.

The time of year which we feel inspired
Our meaning becomes poor when we for fill our desire
Celebrated in love and care
I hope everyone one day can share.

The magnetism of a first loves kiss
The thoughts that wander into the mist
I belong to life, and enjoy the tomorrows
But sometimes the joy just turns into sorrows

What shall I do, what shall I think
The time goes by with every wink
Many thoughts arose
Many words not spoken
Hints right under my nose.

The result is broken Deep thinking and discussions said
The only place one listens, is that in bed?
Why worry and plan
Who can be the real man?

Opportunities arise
Choices to be made
Some are born with the prize
With everything before them laid

Kids grow up, take over the time
They can make you happy glow and shine
Work becomes you and you become it
Take a stand in this land
Try to make it fit
This time of crises
Jealousy and hate
My mom is a pieces
Torn between each state

Fallow through Ėyou-
Iíll say to the few
Is life really
The recycle of the dew

Or is there more meaning
Of it not being hopeless
Is there more feeling
Without it being note less

I have no more words left
Everything has been said before
I have to take my breath
And slowly walk out the door.


When I came home one day
Then I heard a cute guy say
He said to me
We should go away

Go feel the air
Slide his finger through my hair
Then we could just sit and stair
Oh, how I feel for the dare
Help me, help me guide me somewhere
Are you afraid are you aware
Something, yes something just isnít fair

People are dieing in this land to be
People are trying
Yes, trying to be free

Take a stand donít take a land
Try to help
Have you felt what it felt
I want to do things want to help people
Moneys the leek
For helping the week forget the fun
Stay on to the run
Go for the going
Hold on to your son
Important things donít come to one

They asked me what I wanted to be
For me, I said everything
Meaning within me
One may try and try
Few may succeed
You try and try
I donít ask why
The sun is it there forever
I say yes and mean for never
Why or why
We asked ourselves
The dream the dream is made for elves
People are people drunk or not
Knot or not and nought a thought
Ask me why I thought and thought
Tell me what are we to come
Return, return towards the nome.

When you get hurt and how much can you take.
When you get hurt and how much is at stake.
How far will you go and what will you risk.
Many years gone by with a fear in your eye.
You think not of the feelings
  and how much that went wrong.
You think of if you are strong.
No life is enough and no couple is strong
  when the hurt comes above.
And no more feelings have gone.
So what to do and what to come by.
If the decision to take and all worries at stake.
Will you go wrong will your decision be right.
Only the hurt of the night.
Only the whisper of a hand.
And the demotion of the demand.
Can tell some more.
And uphold the flour.
To access a strong demand.
Never be smiling through.
No deep questions of the few.
Where should one go.
Where to look.
No help no back round of any a book.
How to react and what to expect.
What thoughts of wilderness beholds in my nest.
Which paths have we chosen.
When to say.
The hardest word is the unspoken of the day.

My path has been bumpy.
My path has been long.
Sometimes it sounds like an old country song.

The holes that I have met.
The negative vibes.
The people that have been in and out of our lives.

So strong you must be to forsake our goal.
So stubborn and lucky to know your own role.
The hills you must climb the route thatís not straight.

As long as you reach it is never too late.
Have faith for yourself and encourage one another.
Give tolerance and joy to one thatís not your brother.

Your path may be long, but have courage within.
Cause only God knows where youíve truly been

I sit and cry although I try.
I sit and hope although I cope.
I sit and think what is the link.
I sit and think I am a fink.

I stand and smile behind a tear.
I stand and fear my life is not a steer.
I stand and feel so strong today.

I pray for me and my family.
I pray for all the tragedy.
I pray this day for all man kind.
I pray and lay and find a bind.

I do share all my love within.
I give to you although Iíve sinned.
I'll give you my joyful time.
Iíll give you anyone I can find.

So now I smile no more tears.
So now I smile no more fears.
And now I stand and pray each day.
That I can give before I lay.


Help me find the strength
Help me find the length

To calmly explain when stress
Hitís itís lane

When wilderness opens a hidden refrain
Help me ease my mind at peace
When shouting and child ness squeaks are released

Help me conquer my demons
Give me a tool - break the seasons
What tests will I for fill

What is meant in my will
Will all my goals be for filled

I have to take charge of my life
Iím not a guest - a wife

Iíll die within it I do not try
I will walk around with an inner cry

So please show me strength I know my way
Please help me through today

Give me the strength to keep my head high
And I will for fill my goal and not live my lie.


Iíve lied to you Iíve lied to me.
Iíve to anyone that can see.

I live a lie each day I breathe
I lie I lie and then I tease

I am not perfect I lie to myself
Iíve even lied on the twelfth

I lied when I felt unsure
I lied and did something impure

I have not exclaimed you
And I have not forsaken

I have used up time and been mistaken
I believe in you and now GOD

I wish not to lie no more
I believe and now admit this

Blue sky of the day

When the time comes during the new falling snow
The people you once trusted wouldnít know where to go
The hurt in your eye has seeded no return
The scars you have on your arms still burn

To once have loved then held the faith
Of answers and question that have no taste
Can your reasons be strong enough to hold for some
Will you ever regret the scum

The sky was forever blue when my worries were gone
But somehow the clouds kept swinging along
They tore up my soul my worries came back
The hurt from my stomach lured out of a crack

Worries of the future and the present thatís past
Problems and people with negative math
Resolving and dissolving all the temptations of life
Making the energy to keep up the fight

Can I - will I gain a more positive vibe
Seeking every day for the Great Big Blue Sky
Please lead me to the brightness of the sky each day
Please lead me unto the right path I pray

Anne Marie L. Rafferty ©